posted on: 12.04.2009

"Beauty is the mark of the well made, whether it be a universe or an object.
~Thomas Aquina

I took this picture sometime in the past 5 months. It seems like a dream to be where I am. 5 months ago I was so different from who I am now and the fact that I've taken bold steps to make it this far is just overwhelming. I am grateful for being here. At time, I'm not, but despite hardships, I'm getting stronger in you, O Lord. Thank you for each thing you've set up in my life, every person who has inspired me and for the strength You give me. I promise to do better, and to be better for You. I haven't taken time to appreciate the beauty and wonders all around me because my life has been busy. I have, however taken the time to stop and reflect on the season You have me in. I can't wait to go outside and capture beauty again, with my camera. (Thank you for roses, its beauty never stops taking my breath away)
Love you always,
pretty lady

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