Few things about love

posted on: 11.14.2008

We waste time looking for the perfect lover, instead of creating the perfect love.
Tom Robbins

Love is the history of a woman's life; it is an episode in man's.
Germaine de Stael

Falling in love consists merely in uncorking the imagination and bottling the common sense
Helen Rowland

The magic of first love is our ignorance that it can never end.
Benjamin Disraeli

Pictures from Federico Era

Love makes me puke. Have you ever had that feeling? It's awful. I catched a virus last sunday, and i blame my feeling blah on the sickness. Im a hopeless romantic, i thought i could never feel uncomfortable with romance no matter how heartbroken or how impossible love may seem...And yet here i am feeling alienated and sick about it. I see happy couple in TV and i feel nausea and discomfort.....i have no idea why. Anyways, yea, how ironic i do a post on Love and i feel utterly bad about it...I guess this doesn't make sense...Love never made sense anyways

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  1. I guess I can understand how you feel about love, mostly because I feel the same way sometimes.

    I don't have a love life, I'm most of the time stuck home taking care of my mother, who is ill and sometimes can't do things herself.

    She use to take care of her mom as well, she never had a life as well.

    I hope I don't become her. :(

  2. Love never makes sense until you can find someone who can help it make sense to you.

  3. I think that love is what you make it and people on the tv make it over the top, so don't let it get you down. No ones love is really like that.

  4. I agree that it doesn't make sense, but neither does much else in the world! I liked the quotes and photos, though. :)

  5. Yeah, love sucks. I've almost given up on it.

    You know if you're a member of despair you should make sure people can comment you without a google account or a openID. Not everyone have a google, LJ, WP or the rest of the accounts you can choose from.

    //Angelica www.whirlwind.nu


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