...and finals.

posted on: 12.10.2008

She landed smack in the middle of your world
and turned everything upside down until you
were addicted to her smile, her voice filled your dreams,
and everything that didn't make sense before
is all of a sudden perfect.

So today I got proposed. I'm engaged now. Im getting married on march and having a baby soon after wards. It's for a project from bible class. I was excited because none of the girls knew who would propose to who!! All the boys knew who they wanted and who they were proposing except the girls. It was loads of fun!! My 'fiance' sang to me, gave me flowers (my fav. red roses) and a plushie, plus he gave me a ride home from school; he outdid himself! I wanted to have a kitty as our baby but our teacher wouldn't give us a grade for it, so we have to get dolls eventually! Im really hoping to make the bridal dress, so I'll be working on that this Christmas, since the wedding is in March.

Finals start friday. I'm a bit over confident really. So, i dont have much to rant about that.

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  1. This sounds like the coolest project ever! I really want to do it! I've actually had a reaccuring dream about something like this.

    sorry, thats weird.
    please keep me updated on this,
    i'm curious.


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