A few things

posted on: 2.19.2009


Love her! She's so inspiring and artistic! check her out at A Beautiful Mess and you can check out her online store at Red Velvet Art

On a side note, I got accepted at the college of my dreams. Only college i applied in U.S.A. I can't wait to go see it.

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  1. ohhh funnn!!! what college? what are you going there to study?
    i love this post so much...
    so romantic, it made my heart all gooey

  2. thanks so much for mentioning me! gosh you are so sweet and ULTRA adorable. XOXO. elsie

  3. congratulations on the college, i know how good that feels! Those photos are so cute! What college was it?

  4. I LOVE REDVELVET ART! they opened up a store in my town recently. they are such creative girls and all of them dress so cute


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