posted on: 2.08.2009

The Grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.
-Allan Chalmers

Once you choose hope, anything's possible
-Christopher Reeve

Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.
-Dale Carnegie

Fear grows in darkness; if you think there's a bogeyman around, turn on the light.
-Dorothy Thompson

The inability to open up to hope is what blocks trust, and blocked trust is the reason for blighted dreams.
-Elizabeth Gilbert

A sobering thought: what if, at this very moment, I am living up to my full potential?
-Jane Wagner

Hope is like a road in the country; there was never a road, but when many people walk on it, the road comes into existence
-Lin Yutang

Life without idealism is empty indeed. We just hope or starve to death.
-Pearl Buck

The natural flights of the human mind are not from pleasure to pleasure but from hope to hope.
-Samuel Johnson

Picture from: Fodder, Julie, threelittlebirds, Alis, Saga

Stuck with this song in my head. I finally Finished "Riven" & "The Shack". Very interesting and wonderful to read. It sets a path of freedom.

side note: it's my Big one-eight birthday tomorrow. don't forget.

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  1. I just love this article.
    And the pictures you put in are just wow.

  2. great quotes. i especially love the one that dale carnegie said. i just finished reading how to make friends and influence people, or whatever it's called.

  3. Oh, prettiness!! This blog is just dreaminess to perfection. Love it! xx


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