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posted on: 6.21.2009

Im so Thankful for the following:
-Having My dad on father's day
-My church. (can't imagine not being part of it right now)
-My best friend got engaged
-My parents aren't perfect, but I love them that way
-I just bought a one way ticket
-My hair is short (i've never cut my hair this short before)
-The friends that support me
-My family
-Im single (making it easier to leave where i am to go to where I need to be)
-Being able to play keyboard at church
-God giving me more than enough essentials (and some not essential to life) without me deserving it.
-Being this busy (that i barely have time to post everyday)

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  1. What a simple yet refreshing post! It's always so fulfilling to count our blessings. Need to remind myself to do that, too.

    Ooh, you cut your hair short? I'm sure it looks tres chic on you!

  2. It's great to list what your thankful for. Yours is lovely. And that photo is just too cute.

  3. that's so great. congrats on being so happy with life. =D

  4. you just reminded me to cunt my blessings. been going through tough times right now. ^^


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