Day after Yesterday

posted on: 6.26.2009

I had a great time yesterday! My friends picked me up and we went to the old city. I modeled one of her designs and i shooted all the others ones. Then we rested on the grass, playing with cameras, laughing at jokes from everyone there, sipping some vitamin water, watching the cloudless blue sky, whispering winds in our ears catching my breath to stay cool on such a hot, humid weather. It was fun. It was real. It was yesterday.

After such a good time, Javi ended the day with a sweet thought. He got me something. And gave it to me when i didn't notice. I just knew that when i was waiting to go home, i looked down at my hands and i saw the brown package weighing my arms down. I couldn't believe it. I mean, i usually always know when people are going to gift me something, so it's never a surprise (and there wasn't an occassion for it). I was so overwhelmed with it, that i didnt open it until before going to sleep. When i did, it was so creative and meaningful, that i had tears in my eyes. Thank you so much Javi, you have no idea the bright smile your thoughtful gift brought to my face. The gift was for my upcoming journey (moving to a stranger place and going to college) and there was an item from my favorite little store in SJ called "The Poet's Passage". So know im reminded of SJ when im far away.

The Brown Package (it reminds me of parcels/vintage packages)

The contents nicely wrapped with string. He made the blue papered notes to match each item.

Blue papered Note #1: Heres a little...Inspiration
And a book followed the note. "Changing" by Lady Lee Andrews is a book with poems and doodles/drawings in it. (from Poet's Passage)

Blue Papered Note #2: And a Chance to be..Creative
Followed by a Moleskine Sketchbook (which i've been raving about getting one since last year)

Catching a movie with a best friend later today. Most likely Transformers.

2 Smiles:

  1. awww...thats so cute the little inspiration gift you got. i love the first photo, btw. the starbucks one. did you take it yourself?

  2. what a wonderful and thoughtful gift! :))i've always wanted a moleskin, too! but the way your friend (boyfriend?) Javi presented it was too cute! Lovely.

    And we're in the same boat - I almost always know when people get me things. It's difficult to surprise me! Which is quite sad, seeing as I love surprises... ;)

    When will you be leaving for college? What are you pursuing? Something in the creative line, perhaps?



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