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posted on: 7.04.2009

“Weight isn’t important the way magazines make you think it is. I know a girl who just looks at her face in the medicine cabinet mirrior & never looks below her shoulders, & she’s four or five hundred pounds but she doesn’t see all that, she just sees a beautiful face & therefore she thinks she’s a beauty. & therefore i think she’s a beauty, too, becasue i usually accept people on the basis of their self-images, because their self-images have more to do with the way they think than their objective-images do. Maybe she’s six hundred pounds, who knows. If she doesn’t care, I don’t. ”
—Andy Warhol
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Couldn't have said something better myself. And i completely agree.

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  1. awwww.. :) such a beautiful piece of words put together to soothe the soul of women who are guilty or bothered of having extra weight.. :) (i'm one of them) ^o^

  2. Aww, I love Andy Warhol.
    I am guilty of bad body image, and this post made me feel exponentially better about myself. Thankyou!


    PS. love, love, love the blog header!


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