Colorful collages of beauty

posted on: 8.15.2009

"When the men betray you - and they will betray you- use this as an opportunity to forgive, as a heightened experience from which you can make music, write poetry, paint paintings. Believe me, you will be privy to a world that’s more vivid than your crayon - more colorful than those snapshots your father is so fond of. A place where your creativity is queen. So plunge in, say yes, fall recklessly in love. Feel more deeply than your friends do. Hit the heights, descend into the depths. Kiss the lads smack on the lips and move on- like it did. I survived love and you will too.”
— The Lost Girls

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  1. Lovely, I've given you two awards. :) Beautiful photos in your post, as per usual!

  2. **Hey Lovely,
    (hehe sorry, i left out the "hey" earlier)


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