hi there tuesday

posted on: 8.11.2009

In 11 days, College will hit me. I feel like i still haven't realized that I've made it this far. I had to sacrifice so much for it that, even though it was worth it, I just can't believe i went against all odds.

Currently Reading (more like juggling): Overflow: a student's guide to giving, A Faith that Breathes & (I will start soon) The time traveler's wife.

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  1. wow, what college are you going to? what are you studying? i know you'll do well :)

    thanks again for the comment on my guest blog post...would you rather see more stories like that (shorter, more condensed) on my blog...i just think that attracts more attention...

    if my friend doesn't hurry up with my new layout, i might just have to break down and blog before my blog looks nice and revamped.


  2. I remember how I felt before I went to University - its definitely worth the sacrifices though :)


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