people who put words to the emotions you can't even describe

posted on: 9.09.2009

“I’m starting to learn. You can’t make someone love you. You cant make someone be faithful to you. You cant control your own fate sometimes. Things happen.. good, bad, indifferent. You just have to let some things go and hope they turn out for the best. Its like falling off a horse. You’re in the air and you know its going to hurt like hell when you hit the ground. But there isn’t enough time to stop it. So you close your eyes and hope for the best.”
— Arminda Meer

It's amazing how you come across with people who put words to the emotions you can't even describe yourself! Funny thing about this quote is that, she has a weird-somewhat unique name, and it so happens to be the same one my mother has (my grandpa took it out of the dictionary). So, Mrs. Meer, thank you so much for putting how i feel in words that truly inspire me to keep going on strong.

3 Smiles:

  1. si tuviera una mac!
    btw, congratulations on it!
    i know u've been wanting it for a long time now. you deserve it.

  2. wow, this is SUCH a great deal, ashley!

    count me in :)


  3. Yay you got your mac. Have fun with it lady, hope you take advantage of it. Use it to grow. I know you believe it will help you.


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