hungry + thirsty

posted on: 11.01.2009

I love you God, you are my strength, my provider...My rock, my song, my every breath. Let me seek you wholeheartedly and without reservations. I am myself when I surrender everything to You. I trust You and every day I grow deeper. I find rest while you work in my life. I want to want what you desire for my life. Help me be a blessing to those around me. May they get to know me better so that they see who YOU are in my life. Let me draw near your Presence. Let me sing to You. Let me worship You, oh Holy one. I am unworthy and yet you wrap me in Your arms. You set me apart for a purpose. My life has been threatened in all directions and you don't abandon me. Even when I run from You in fear. I'm scared. But My love for you is bigger than fear, wider than any storm, deeper than the sea, unshakable like Mount Zion. You never cease to amaze me.

In humble love, your princess and dear child,

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