posted on: 12.24.2009

He is glorious.
And His glory extends to the ends of the earth.
He is beautiful, and His beauty is rooting itself in our hearts so that we may become examples of the fullness of His love.
My heart yearns for Him.
I am realizing that this this the one true thing I know about myself and my heart: I yearn for God.
I want Him with all that I am.
Whenever I begin to want something else, whenever I begin to become distracted, it is because I am forgetting who I am, because I have begun to let the enemy define me.
When I look to God for my identity, when I find myself in Him, I find that I want more and more of Him, that I long for His presence, that I would give anything for it.
Only when I begin to put up walls around myself, when I start to seek contentment, love, peace, truth, in places other than Him, that is when I will become unhappy, hateful, conflicted in all I do, because these things do not exist outside of Him.
When I find my identity in Him, He becomes my identity, and I will find what I am seeking inside of myself. For He is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. He is with me always.
Why am I still searching?

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