Things I like 09

posted on: 12.28.2009

I recently saw some posts from The Drifter & the Gypsy that listed a few bloggers and what they liked about this year. It inspire me to count all the good things that have happened for me in lovely 09.
Things I liked from 2009:

  • Graduating: leaving high school behind with tons of memories from my childhood to my teenagehood.

  • Summer: road trip around the island I live in.
  • Movies: (500) days of Summer was amazing.
  • God: my relationship with Him is beautiful and ongoing. I'm just sinking in His ocean of Grace + Mercy.
  • College: living on my own, meeting friends that will last a lifetime, discovering who I am and studying for my future.
  • Library: I have found how to make use of the library! I have read a lot, thanks to the wonderful selection my college library has. I think I've read more books this year than in 2008.
  • Letters: being far from home + friends have resulted in an unexpected incoming of letters and packages. I have enjoyed writing them and receiving. I hope 2010 brings more of that
  • Journal: I've kept a journal, and I'm proud of it. It has my secrets, accounts of how exciting my life is and it features the people close to me. I can't wait to buy another one when this one is over.
  • Tumblr: my inspiration home with 100 followers.
  • Photography: still continues to get me by.
  • Thrifting: has done me good. My wardrobe has multiplied and my wallet has been smiling since I discovered the local thrifting heavens.
  • Painting: I have done 2 canvases in the past 5 months.
  • hair: My hair was cut short by summer; and I might think of doing something crazy before this year is over.
  • Music: My taste in music has gone deeper and deeper into the caves of the unknown, the folk and the weird. And I'm loving it.
  • Self-confidence: is firm and steady in my life.
  • Blogger: in 9/8/09 my blog was one year old. 365 posts worth of blogging, wow. I would've never thought I'd make it this far, and with 86 followers. Thank You for enjoying my posts.

    what's your list?
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    1. 500 days of summer <3
      One of the best movies of 2009 :)


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