Love pain.

posted on: 12.10.2009

You know what truth was just revealed to me? That to love is to experience underserving pain. When you care so much to sacrifice yourself, and Jesus really knows what it really means to sacrifice, you will bear a pain you don’t deserve. Fair?

God risked everything for our salvation. Including the fact that He would send His only son to bear the pain of everyone else. Yet He did not deserve it.

To love is to suffer. God is asking you to love that way. To love, even when there’s promise of hurt. He rewards you for it. You don’t deserve the pain you’re bearing, He knows. He makes all things work together for our good. He always does justice for us, His children. I don’t know how you’re feeling right now or what you’re going through, but I suggest you just run full speed to God. Lay your troubles at His feet and let the comfort of hope and grace shine through the dark that wants to suffocate you. Put the other cheek. It’s the hardest thing to do, but the act is just a symbolic way to show everyone that your confidence is in God alone.

I do not know you, but I want to encourage you. Pain can overwhelm us and consume us. But it’s not the fight, but the victory that makes us stronger. Jesus died for you and your sins. He carried your burdens out of love, conquering your deserving consequences and death. Life isn’t fair for us, christians and non-christians alike. The difference is that we have an Almighty Redeemer and His love for us is so tangible, we live a happier life just surrendering in and trusting Him completely. He loves you! He paid the price for what you deserved and sacrificed himself for you. You may probably be going through something that you don’t deserve, I sure know I go through things everyday that I do not provoke on purpose; even people do me wrong and I have yet to understand the reason. But just hold on to God, pray for your afflictions, listen to His soft-spoken words of love and let Him turn your mourn into dancing. God can always make me smile. Even if it involves a runny nose and tears.

Love always ( risking pain because Jesus said you were worth it),

a girl with a smile while there’s warmth in her eyes, accompanied with the wetness of tears

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  1. hi!
    may I ask what was that song you had on your player as the 1st one before and you've just deleted? i quite liked thatone,and can't recall the title exactly:[

  2. I completely agree with this post. I found out that to love is to suffer, always. In this world, we are bound to be hurt by others, it's inevitable because they're not perfect, but neither are you. That's why it's so sad when people plan revenge against others instead of just enduring the pain (which is nothing compared to Jesus' on the cross) and answering back to the people that hurt you with love, comfort and nurturing.

    Thank you for this post. You are an incredible inspiration to me and to plenty of Christians who follow this blog.

    God bless.


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