I've neglected you.

posted on: 1.18.2010

I feel like I don't blog here as much as I used to. To be honest, all I ever do is tumblr, tweet and fb. I don't come here anymore. I'm considering deleting this. Half of me is sad because I'd lose a part of my life that wasn't documented in my journals, but then half of me knows that this useless.

Has this lost it's meaning and purpose, therefore should stop to exist?


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  1. Don't delete it, but just change your URL to a personal name, that no one else knows, and keep it private so YOU can view it whenever you like. but for the rest of us, this blog will cease to exist. Just a suggestion, because I've deleted my blog once and I absolutely regret it today. I've always wished I could read back on my old posts.


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