Spring break = Shopping break!

posted on: 3.09.2010

I haven't been in a mall in sooooo loooonggggg. My gosh, it was refreshing and exciting to spend some time shopping! Spring break is the perfect time to renew your wardrobe.

I bought a few accessories to go with my new outfits.

I spent a little over $150 in two days on a Mega Sale.

I went over to Wet Seal, Love Culture and of course, forever 21. I'm so glad it's getting warmer here because I'm dying to wear my clothes again. My personal style is autumn/spring, I'm more of a warm person: wearing yellows, oranges, browns and pastels. Winter kinda roadkilled my wardrobe options. I just didn't feel inspired. I just wanted to stay cozy under my clothes, I could've cared less about looking pretty. But now spring is here and I can bloom again!

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