Life... and bike rides

posted on: 4.08.2010

I was asked to do an interview yesterday. The article is about a photographer/model, so I actually had a photo shoot for it. I can't describe how much fun I had! I'm naturally good at just posing and mimicking models from all the posters she had on her room. The girl was so happy with the pictures that she even called me her new muse. I ended up chatting with her about music, concerts, photographers and cameras. I'm so happy I found someone I can relate to! [I can't believe she admires the same photographers as I do!!!!!]

Anyways, I'm cooking up a new project God has laid on my heart to do. I can't tell you about it yet, but i will very soon!

2 Smiles:

  1. you're photo is absolutely gorgeous! certainly a reflection of your beautiful soul that God is crafting into one that is more and more like his! Your posts are so creative! :)

  2. I had the best time with you riding bikes, reading out on the lawn, and talking with you in the shade...

    Te quiero mucho.


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