Thrifting Thursday: Pack it up

posted on: 5.06.2010

[Found this video with great thrifting tips and ideas! Hope you enjoy as well]

I actually went to an antique store on tuesday and found this beautiful green suitcase for under $15! I fell in love with it and I might be on the look out for another of these in the future. One of my own tips when it comes to thrifting is that I use "Febreeze on the go" and I spray it on the inside of purses and, in this case, suitcases. It helps take away the oldish odor.

I've had my eye on a couple of suitcases in etsy, but had no luck so far. They cheapest one I saw was a teal suitcase for $32. But I'm super happy with my green suitcase! It has a mirror inside that reminds me of black and white movies.

[Canonet camera was a gift from a friend and it still works, black & white sneakers were thrifted at $3, & journal was bought at BAM for $4 on sale.]

Thrift Happy!
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  1. I love everything! Especially your camera; I've been looking for it for awhile now! Still no luck though.


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