Once upon a Wednesday and a giveaway!

posted on: 8.25.2010

It was an ordinary day. I sat down at my desk, and I thought of things to do. Through my window I could see gray clouds coming. Shortly after, it was raining. I decided to catch up with my followers, discover new blogs and finish some crafts I hadn't finished. September is coming soon, and I want to celebrate this blog's 2-year anniversary with a giveaway!

On Monday, I went to the grand opening of a dollar tree store that is 2 minutes away from where I live. It's huge! I bought some tea lights, ribbons and some glass cups. I had a project in mind.
Yesterday, I went to Publix in the middle of the rain to buy some flowers to add to my project. I also figured that if the sky wouldn't smile at me, then I should find something that will. I came back home and I made 2 flower arrangements for two special people who seem to always bless me. Then I took the extra flowers left and put it on my improvised vase. It certainly helped me think of good things. I made the pretty bows to accent my desk. I also wrote letters to go with each gift.

However, after all that, I was still feeling crafty. The result was: paper cranes.

I am mastering the art of making paper cranes. I cut a 6.5in x 6.5in of paper and I decorate it with words and colors. I also made some with post-its!

8 Smiles:

  1. Crossing my fingers...

    Mikelle: Mikellejade@gmail.com

    My favorite thing about this blog is your header. It shows your personality! I like that your blog isn't overloadded with stuff that takes forever to load and makes the page too busy to read!


  2. I love the "She Reads" section with the moving image! How cool is that. Your blog is adorable by the way :)

    the crazy_canuck@yahoo.com

  3. I won't enter the giveaway, but I have to say that your room/desk is simply elegant. I love it. Your creativity is inspiring.

  4. i can't believe more people haven't entered!
    i love the photos on your blog. a lot.

  5. Oh, those are beautiful!

    I appreciate the fact that you have devoted your blog to glorifying God through thoughts, quotes, and Scripture. You are such a beloved princess!


  6. I love the photos :)


  7. I bumped into your blog through someone else's blog. I was delighted in your comment so I run through your blog posts.

    I love that you help in sharing the Word of God and how God work in your life.

    Your making yourself a blessing!

    God bless you!

  8. Opps! I forgot my email: mltzie@yahoo.com


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