As I woke up to a beautiful morning

posted on: 9.02.2010

I gave thanks to my Abba father for the following:
- For such a beautiful morning.
- Breath. I get to live another day.
- The gift of His presence and embrace.
- Family. Especially a family that root themselves in the Word.
- Bible. I'm lucky to have one more day to know more of God.
- Prayer. I get to speak to Him, believing His promises will come to pass.
- Sleeping in such a comfy bed.
- Printed words. I am so thankful for books and their wisdom.
- My mother. I miss her and I know God will glorify Himself today in her life.
- Church. There's nothing more beautiful than coming together with other believers to worship the same God.
- Mail & media. Despite the distance, I can maintain friendships through letters, parcels, and envelopes.
- Goodwill. I just enjoy browsing this thrift store.
                                                [I got this on a package yesterday]

What are you thankful for?

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  1. Did you take the first picture? It's so pretty! Cool camera :0

  2. Sadly, I did not! You can click the picture and it will take you straight to the author.


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