Autumn, here I come

posted on: 10.02.2010

"A Journal is not only a record of events that touch and transform us; it is a private space in which we can meet ourselves in relation to others and God."
- Susan A. Muto, Pathaways of Spiritual Living

It's October already, wow! It's incredible how much I've grown since last October. I am pursuing redemptive living. I can still remember the day the Spirit whispered to me "I want you. But you must give up your life." Talk about an invitation! It was a few years ago, but I never imagined actually being intimate with the Lord of Lords. The fact that I can acknowledge our relationship is due to the journals I've kept of His wonderful pursuit of my heart, mind and soul. It's fall 2010 now, and I am curious about the adventures that are yet to come. I want to enjoy each day, knowing He has already scripted my story and I am now living each chapter, page and paragraph. God is not bound by time, we are. He is always present. I am going to enjoy you, fall.

Autumn, here I come!

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  1. quite the invitation, I'd say! :) So glad you have records of each beautiful moment spent with the King! You're a princess, dear!


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