Faithful Love

posted on: 10.23.2010

Ivan "Vanya" Moiseyev, son of Protestant peasant farmers, wrote this letter to his parents in his 20 years of age:
"My dear parents, the Lord has showed the way to me... and I have decided to follow it... I will now have more severe and bigger battles than I had till now. But I do not fear them. He goes before me. Do not grieve for me, my dear parents. It is because I love Jesus more than myself. I listen to Him, though my body does fear somewhat or does not wish to go through everything. I do this because I do not value my life as much as I value Him. And I will not await my own will, but I will follow as the Lord leads. He says, Go, and I go. Do not become grieved if this is your son's last letter. Because I myself, when I see and hear visions, hear how angels speak and see, I am amazed and cannot believe that Vanya, your son, talks with angels. He, Vanya, has also had sins and failings, but through sufferings the Lord has wiped them away. And he does not live as he wishes himself, but as the Lord wishes."
(written June 15, 1972)

A few days later, his body was sent to his family. This young Russian soldier had been persecuted and tortured by the Communists for the last two years, ending with his death in 1972. All the events of punishment he was put through, God used for His glory. Like when he was asked to stand outside of the barracks with nothing but his summer uniform in a 13 degrees below zero weather, can you believe that? Officers would ask him through the night if he had changed his mind about God. His response: "As much as I want to come in and go to bed, I cannot. I will never agree to remain silent about God." The amazing thing about that event is that, while he was enduring the cold, he used the opportunity of being alone to sing and praise God, as well as to fervently pray for everyone there. Oh, his ardent faith impressed many around him to convert. In fact, 37 years later, I was touched by his amazing story.
The father of this Christian hero wrote:
"May it be that this living flower which gave the fragrance of its youth on the cross should be an example for all faithful youth. May they love Christ as our son has loved Him."

The more you know God, the more you love Him. The word "know" can mean "to be intimate". As you "know" God (become more intimate with Him), you will love him (and thus, be faithful). I challenge you to go deeper in your relationship with our amazing Savior. Stop being content with where you're at! That will get you no where. Jesus speaks against this in Matthew 7:20-23. He is calling your name. Believe me, there's power in faithful love.

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