restless child

posted on: 10.30.2010

I was in my neighbor's house, about to have a delicious meal, when it happened. They have a 3-month old baby girl, and she was wrestling with her sleep. Her mother was trying hard to settle her child as things were getting settled for dinner. Since everyone else was busy, she decided to put the child in my lap as she hurried to prepare her a bottle. I love kids, especially babies, but I'm not always the best person to calm a child. Mostly, well, because I don't know what to do. But before I had really thought about it, the child was twisting and turning in my lap. My immediate reaction after that was "God, what do I do?". To be honest, I wasn't really expecting an answer, but His voice came in the stillness: "Sing". Umm, kay, God knows best. I glanced around me, and everyone was caught doing something so, I figured no one was paying attention to me at all. So I started humming. I hummed some unwritten tunes that really didn't make much sense, and the most amazing thing happened! The child stopped wiggling. "Huh", I thought to myself. So I started humming a bit harder, it was an actual song now. Her eyes began to close slowly.

I'm not sure when it happened, but by the time everything was served, I was actually singing out loud. The baby's mother was the one who noticed what I had done and acted surprised at how fast the child had fallen asleep (she had tried all known possible ways to sleep her baby and they had failed). "Oh, she's asleep!", her mother said as she held a bottle of fresh milk. "You sang to her and she fell asleep", her voice was relieved and joyous. I gave her the baby, and off she went on to her mother's arm. In an instant, my Father whispered in my heart: When you don't know what to do, sing. It's time for you to sing; I want you to.

His revelation came in the purest & innocent form I know, a restless child.

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  1. Oh that's beautiful. It brought little tears to my eyes :)

  2. Hi Ashley! Yes, I received it and I actually wore it at church today. You should know that I love it, thank you so much!
    Anyways, right after I received it I made a comment on one of your blog post and sorry that I haven't send back a recipe yet because I am busy preparing for my wedding but I will in time.
    I covet your prayers in this time of my life. Thanks and God bless!

  3. This is such a sweet story. I am glad you keep record of these.

  4. I love the beautiful way that you express God through your writing and pictures. God truly is AMAZING ! I'll be following !

    Ingrid =)

  5. Its been a while since I last came by to check out the blog. This post is amazing. God has amazing things coming your way!

    <3 love you


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