I write for Him

posted on: 1.29.2011

© Anna Inghardt
I've had an urge to sing songs over people as I minister to them. I can't help it anymore.
It's a song, not of my own.
A song birthed deep down in my soul.
From the author of all that is known.

you see? I can't even write here without writing some type of psalm. I want to write songs again. But not like before. Writing songs at 16 was very different from writing songs now. I want to write songs from where I've been and song about where I'm going. "There is a song for every season", the Spirit says.  I try to ignore the fact that I am passionate for music. I try to make myself believe I will never be good enough and that He never really 'called' me to music (even though that's a lie, and I know it). Today,  I was sharing with one of the girls that I mentor about how even though I'm part of the worship team and I sometimes lead, I still struggle with the fear that I'm not good enough. That when it comes to music I don't believe in myself. I don't see how God can use me through worship. And He lovingly reminds me: "Faith is not about what you see." But I can take authority as I step up in that platform because I believe that God will use those He has called. It was never about being "good enough". It was never about "my voice". It was never about "great songs". It was about offering your voice as a sacrifice; a type of worship for the Lord. He created worship music to glorify and praise His name.
It has never been about me. Oh no, it shall always remain to be all about Him.

I live for Him.
I sing for Him.
I write for Him.

Here's a song that my best friend shared with me that brought me to my knees:

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  1. this is beautiful! i love it! and its amazing you can write music ! thats always something i wish i could do!

  2. That's awesome that God chose to bless you with music. Don't ever shy away from gift that God instilled in you, use it to glorify Him.
    I'd just like to say you're words (in all your posts) are very inspirational and encouraging. Thank you for sharing them with the blog world :)

  3. What an incredibly beautiful song; I purchased it on iTunes right after listening!

  4. Sometimes I wonder if you may be the slightly more eloquent and mature version of me. :)
    I understand your post entirely when it comes to worship. Thank you for your constant inspiration!

  5. i really like that. music is so powerful. psalms is my favorite book of the bible for that reason. i love songs, and words and the powerful effect they have on us. God is so good to have given us that!


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