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posted on: 1.13.2011

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I've returned to the online world. I was away for a while, just being with the Lord. He was calling me to seek Him and be, in the privacy of my prayer closet. He wanted to fill me and minister to me, in intimacy. I have to tell you, He took my breath away! He answered all my requests from the past 6 months, one by one in less than 2 weeks. He is sovereign! He is in control! I'm still in awe of all He's done and how He provided. I am grateful.
I also sought the Lord for direction with this blog. I will be talking more about how to spend time with God and how to hear His voice... two uneasy subjects that not many want to hear about, but I don't care! He's the one that has lead you to this site and He will speak to you through it. This has never been about me.

Now, the year 2011. It is a year of favor and victory. It is definitely a new season of growth and maturity. I'm really excited (actually 1/3 scared, 2/3 nervous and 2/4 happy...if that makes sense). I got a job! I start next week & I look forward to telling you more about it. I'm also being courted by someone very special, which is very fun and at times hard to define & explain to people. I'll share some stories about that soon. I've been catching up on my reading. Gah, Elisabeth Elliot is so great, you must pick a book from her. Really. You'll never regret it! I finished When wallflowers dance by Angela Thomas, a gift from my friend Candice, I think she's one of the loveliest of friends in the world. I have this idea for swapping books between bloggers, and if you're interested, you should message me. I'm also open to be a penpals (for security reasons, girl requests only). Plus, I have some giveaways in store. Now, I shall catch up with my fellow bloggers. I just had to make an appearance :)

I have so much to share with you this year, can't wait.

Also, I just have to say I'm stunned that I have like 11 new followers. When I made a blog, it was never about the followers, and to this day it still isn't. But I just want to welcome you and thank you for stopping by and following. Your comments always encourage me <3

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  1. Aww well I think you're lovely yourself! :) So happy to hear that it was a great read! Your blog always reflects your authentic and loving relationship with God; it's so refreshing to read!

  2. oh wow! i love your words here! and you have such a beautiful journal.

  3. this is an amazing amazing amazing post. it honestly brought tears to my eyes! i am so happy for you, that you have been able to spend time with God and hear him speaking to you - that is something i constantly am struggling with, so I really do look forward to your future posts!

  4. This sounds wonderful. I was wondering where you were! Glad to have you back :)

    Glad that you had such amazing experiences!

  5. you inspire me so much girl. your love and passion for Christ just blows me away!

    and if you want more people to swap books with, pick me!!! ;)

  6. cute blog.
    your journal is too cute:)
    can't wait to follow you!
    xxo, Jazzie

  7. Hey girl!
    First off.. I love this post!
    I have awarded you with a blog award on my blog. Check it out:).
    xo, Jazzie

  8. Oooh oooh! Sign me up for the pen pal thing. ;) Love you darling. Can't wait for your next entries!

  9. This post makes me happy. haha. So glad God is working in your life and answering prayer. Can't wait to hear of the wisdom He brings you. :) Best wishes as you start a new Job! How exciting!

  10. i am loving your blog...the photos and words are so beautiful :)


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