what we wore

posted on: 3.01.2011

(following post inspired by the lovely Morgan.)

We like to think of ourselves as the winners of the "Best Dressed" Couple Award....if such award existed, haha.
On me: lace bodysuit ($10), High waisted pin striped pants ($15), thrifted belt (gift).
On him: uhh...I guess I'd have to ask.
Pose: well, we pulled a 'gaga' with the shades

I just wanted to post something different. I'm a normal person too, you know. :)

8 Smiles:

  1. YES you guys are the BEST dressed couple! SO darling!!! im a writer too... lovvvvve it!

  2. That body suit is just too fabulous!

  3. Can I just say that you are so CUTE!?

  4. You two seem (and certainly look) wonderful together! So happy for your happiness, sister! :]

  5. haha! These photos practically just made my day!

  6. I loveeee your outfit! You two look lovely together (:

  7. ooooh I LOVE your top! you two look marvelously dress darling


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