Not looking at the Wind

posted on: 6.02.2011

The Lord has been doing a new work in me these past few weeks. He has had me give money away to someone I don't know, quit my job, and step out in faith regarding my education. I'm at a place in my life, though, that I don't really ask God questions regarding what He is asking me to do. I just obey. My blind obedience has not been met without doubt, might I add. It's that doubt, though, that He wants to extinguish.

He took me to Matthew 14, where Jesus walks on water. I found a couple things interesting with this passage. For one, Peter wants to get out of the boat. I think that really expresses my attitude at this point. I want to serve God, obey Him, and love Him. So much so, that I'm willing to get out of the boat. So Peter walks with Jesus on the water. In that moment, though, Peter looks to the left and to the right and begins to really internalize what is going on. He looks at the wind. He doubts. He begins to sink.

I thank God for Peter. It's through him that such a powerful lesson is taught. "O you of little faith, why did you doubt?" Jesus asks. It's that same question that Jesus asks me. I think He asks a lot, if not all of us that question. "Stop looking at the wind," I felt the Lord whisper to my soul. I have to stop looking at circumstance and start looking at my savior. I can glance at my problem, but I have to gaze upon the solution, that is, Jesus Christ.

I pray you will internalize this. What you are going through is not going to last forever. It's not. What God is asking of you right now, will be for your good and His glory in the end. He loves you. He's got your back. He is closer than a friend, than a brother! I thank Him for his grace in even letting me get off the boat. I also thank Him for standing there with His hand held out. It really dosen't matter what the wind and waves say, because I'm looking at the creator of the wind and waves.

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  1. Wow. Isn't it awesome when God uses other Christians to lift us up? Tomorrow morning I'm leaving to be a camp counselor all summer at a place I've never been to, with people I've never met. Also I'm training to run my first marathon in October. The other day I realized I needed to just give my worries about everything to God, because if he specifically placed me in each of these situations, there is no way he's going to let me do it on my own. Thanks for the reminder!

  2. I'm totally in the same place. The blind obedience is hard at first, but the more you let go, the more peace floods in. Love this post.

  3. I understand...and it is difficult to overcome that doubt. It's a daily struggle. I'm so glad you finally stepped out of the boat!! God bless and good luck with whatever choices you make.

  4. wow :) i'm looking forward to see how God is going to use you! :) it's gonna be amazing :) x

  5. Thank you for posting this, Louis.

  6. Oh my gosh. Amazing. I just received a lesson on this and what you said just confirmed it for me! I am in the same place right now. And sometimes it is SUCH a hard place to be. I like what Francis Chan says about this: "when we doubt God coming through we miss what He is going to do"


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