Guest Post: Just Finding My Wing

posted on: 7.23.2011

Hey friends! I'm currently on my way to the DR for a family reunion. Should be fun and relaxing :)
Hope you enjoy Jesseca's post. Her blog is inspiring and refreshing. We should all strive to find our wings.


Hello there, lovely ladies and gents!
Allow me to introduce myself: I’m Jesseca from Just Finding My Wings, and I like chocolate cake.  It’s a pleasure to know ya!
(Cue awkward picture of myself that will assure you I am indeed a real person.)

Besides loving chocolate cake and other such delicacies, I also love to share the things that God teaches me.  Have you ever noticed that God teaches you the most penetrating lessons when you least expect it?  The lessons that make the biggest impact don’t usually come when you are listening to a sermon or reading your daily devotional or watching a documentary on Five Steps to Knowing God.  Though such tools are helpful and necessary (except for maybe that last one...), more often than not the most incredible insight and revelations from the Father come when that’s the last thing on your mind.
For example.
Last night, I was eating dinner with my dad (we both worked late) and I was a little tense about some stuff.  Being the patient guy that he is, he let me sulk and glare for the entirety of my main entree, but when the chocolate cake was served, I loosened up quite a bit.  (See, I really do like chocolate cake!)
I have no clue how we got on the topic, but I remember Dad saying something and it making me cry:
“God’s love is so pervasive that whoever reaches out for it will find it.”
All I could picture was a broken man who had lived a life entirely void of love and joy, finally giving up and reaching out for something bigger than himself.  Maybe he doesn’t know what he’s looking for; maybe he doesn’t think he’ll find anything; perhaps he’s never heard of God’s love.  But he’s reaching, he’s seeking, and as he pushes his hand out of the darkness, the Father rushes to capture it with His own powerful hand.
And suddenly, the man who once had no hope for anything better than brokenness has been soaked in an indescribable love.
God loves to love us.  It’s His very favorite thing to do, in fact, because He is love.  He doesn’t just give us a nice picture to set on our dresser commemorating His love for us.  Rather, He gives us Himself.
What kind of king gives his life for his people?  Our King, my friends.  Our King.

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  1. Always nice to find another Christian blogger :)

  2. Lovely post and a great reminder of God's love. I love chocolate too :P

  3. Oh how lovely! Jesseca is great as was this post! Thank you :)

  4. Ahh Jesseca, I'm glad you put this on paper (figuratively speaking, of course)! As we are all pretty much basking in His love right now-and the fact that He IS what love is- this is so, so perfect.


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