My time has come

posted on: 7.01.2011

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"...But the people who know their God shall stand firm and take action." Daniel 11:32b
July is chasing me away. I've been recently informed that I must depart in less than 3 weeks. It has been raining nonstop since I received the news (literally). I am holding on tightly to my Father's hand as I walk through this foggy, overcast season. I go where He leads, and He is leading me away for a while. Oceans apart from my dear friends, guy and family.

I've been tempted to say "Lord, why? Why are you doing this?" but I won't. It's irrelevant. He's been preparing me, showing me to be content, whatever my lot entails. More than anything, He has revealed Himself to me. I was reading today this passage and the fact that I know Him fuels my faith to stand firm in the furnace. Like Daniel, I am confident in whom I serve. God is able to deliver me from this, and even if He doesn't, I shall still worship Him. I am loved by Him and He desires my ultimate good. He will glorify Himself in me, wherever that is because God is not limited by location. I shall smile at the days to come because He holds my future in His loving hands as well as all the people I'm departing from.

Whether your days are filled with sunlight or rain, let Him reveal Himself to you. Then you will be strong and able to stand firm.

My time has come to be light in darkness.

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  1. Its been raining here non stop today, so this was a perfect post to read :) You have a lovely and inspiring heart.

  2. I was thinking about this earlier today. Currently my life is consumed by the camp job I am working and training for my first marathon. Both things are overwhelming at times, and for a second I think "Why am I doing this? Maybe I will just wallow in my fears and negativity about it for a while." But then I remember how God directly led me into both of these endeavors, and that he is running it all. At the end of the day, I've never felt the constant presence of God everywhere around me like this, and I think it is because the things I am doing all day are things He has chosen for me to do. It's awesome.

  3. stay firm in Jesus x He will see your journey till the end, going before you & making the crooked places straight x be blessed!


  4. What a scary and intimidating thought and place to be. But God is sovereign and I, like you, have been reminding myself of this. We go where He sends us because this is what He wills. And He's ALWAYS right.
    P.S. letter coming soon :)

  5. Where are you going?? P.S. we need to Skype please! :)


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