Grounded in the imaginary

posted on: 8.12.2011

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"And without faith it is impossible to please Him, for whoever would draw near to God must believe He exists and that He rewards those who seek Him." Hebrews 11:6

Have you ever believed in 'make believe'? Like Disney magic? That you can believe something and that in believing, it has to come true?
I remember I believed I would meet the Olsen twins when I was younger. I read all their novels, watched their shows, and followed their websites in my Windows 98 PC. I emailed them countless times, believing they would call me. I was heavily disappointed when weeks passed by and the phone didn't ring for me. Sometimes, we treat faith like that. We put all our 'faith' into something, believing in it and in doing so, expecting it to happen. We've missed the point if this is our idea of faith!

True, biblical faith is not wishful thinking. It is not vague hope grounded on the imaginary; it's not putting your feet in thin air. Faith is the settled confidence that something that God has promised will happen in the future because God will bring it about. It is confident trust in the eternal God who is all-powerful, infinitely wise and eternally trustworthy- the God who has revealed Himself in His Word and in the person of Jesus Christ, whose promises have proven true from generation to generation and who will never forsake His own.*

I challenge you to believe in Him. That all He says and said will come to pass. If you're waiting on something to pass that He did not speak (but you planned) don't be disappointed if it doesn't happen. Ask the Lord and wait on Him for an answer.
Faith is also saying "Jesus, you are not only my Savior, you are my Lord. I will submit to you". Don't act outside His will! Faith cannot operate without listening to God's plans & promises for your life. Are you ready to listen?

By faith we draw near... with faith we please Him... through our faith He rewards.

[*ESV Bible commentary of Hebrew 11:1]

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  1. I needed this tonight, thank you friend. :)

  2. As I am re-reading this, I'm taking a moment to soak in that faith and submission go hand in hand.

    I am currently believing in the healing of a friend who is a growing believer, and the lack of progress has definitely put her faith at a standstill. I've spoken with her (and repeatedly reminded myself) that faith ought to be bold, a declaration of thanksgiving, and within His will. But I never really established that difference between accepting His will and putting forth that submission so that His will might be done.

    I don't know if that made much sense or not, but thank you for this. I think I'll share it with her.

  3. well said, friend. thank you for posting and happy friday.

  4. i needed to hear this this morning in the midst of my doubt and worrying this morning. thanks maam!

  5. I just came across your blog, very inspirational, keep doing what you do, I'm sure you are helping many

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  6. what a beautiful post! I loved it so much. It is such an important truth to remember :)

  7. so, so happy to find your blog. the way you write of your faith is so beautiful. i love what you said about faith being a "settled confidence." i've never heard it put that way, and it's certainly true. it's hard to follow Christ in this jaded world, but nothing in the entire universe is more worth it. Looking forward to reading more inspiration on here:)

  8. thank you for the post. i needed this lately.


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