Lessons from a dog

posted on: 8.16.2011

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My dog wasn't too thrilled with me today because I gave her a bath. She strongly dislikes being shampooed and having water sprayed at her. She always manages to run away from me once she sees I grab the hose. She just doesn't like water really. When it rains, she won't go outside so she's won't get her paws wet. What a diva!
Don't get me wrong, she likes being clean. It's just the process of being cleansed that is highly uncomfortable for her. Sounds familiar?
I love being clean, washed by the blood of Jesus. But when I'm found in sin, I tend to also run away. I don't mean to, I mean, I want to be clean! It's just the pruning and the discipline that takes place that always makes me flinch. Asking for forgiveness doesn't hurt. It's the uprooting of the sin's root that does. Yet I press on! Knowing that whatever it takes to be cleansed will be worth it, that I will be like Him (Ephesians 4:22-24).

A few hours later, my dog was all happy skipping around the grass with her clean self and her short attention span. I just laughed. I feel the same way when He takes me with His loving arms and with the sweetest touch makes me white as snow.

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  1. what a good analogy. weird. I just gave my dog a bath today too, and she too hates the baths. but loves boppin around a clean dog afterward.

    Great reminder. It is amazing that Jesus death on the Cross has truly washed away our sin and that we are seen as righteous in the eyes of God because of his blood and sacrifice!

  2. So with you on having the tendency to run, and the uprooting of idols really being the issue.

  3. oh this is a beautiful piece of truth. mmm.

  4. Very true..a Great reminder. Found your blog via blog lovin, new follower ;)


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