Found, Not lost. Embraced, Not forgotten.

posted on: 9.18.2011

"God wants to raise up a people who are not concerned only about making their own living, owning a house or driving a nice car. He is seeking those who are greedy for the blessings of God—not to consume it on themselves, but to be used of Him to help others!" David Wilkerson
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The Lord is working on me and within me.
Sometimes the Lord doesn't speak when it comes to this blog; His blog.
Sometimes He leaves me speechless or He binds my lips so that I won't speak either.
Lately, He wants me to be, not do.
But fear not, when I'm silent there are others who speak. Even the dead.
I ask for prayer at this time: for strength and able shoulders;
for the Joy of the Lord to be my strength.

I'll be back before the week ends with good news! :)

with love,

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  1. I just wanted to say that I have recently stumbled upon your blog, smiled, and could not help BUT to click the little 'Follow' button. Your blog has GOT to be one of the few blogs that I have found to be truly inspiring! And I can not wait to sit down and read through previous posts.

    I can truly see God working through you, to reach the hearts of others ... and it is such a beautiful thing to witness, if I do say so myself.

    I hope you have a Blessed week girl. I'm so happy that I have found your blog ... but then again, as I read on your page - it's no mistake I found you ;)

  2. amen! i think he works in me the same way at times!

  3. Mmm! What profound thoughts! I love that quote. God has been working on me about things too.

  4. this is such a profound idea. He daily works on me and makes me more and more into His and less into mine.

  5. I love finding other young women who share their relationship with the Lord on here in the blog world. It really makes me just leap and abound in happiness because often outside of church and hanging with other Christians all I see is the demising world. And the world is so overcome with darkness I begin to think where is the light and salt of this world. Where are my brothers and sisters in the midst of the chaos that seems so acceptable and normal.

    Basically... I enjoy meeting other women with a passion for his name, whether via the web or not! :)...

    blessings to you..
    I'm a new follower as well!


  6. Love this, particularly the quote! I always appreciate your openness and vulnerability with us, dear sister! Know that I am lifting you up in prayer and looking forward to hearing how the Lord works in your life in this time of solitude with Him. Love!

  7. Yes you smile and you write, beautifully and perfectly do you put pen to paper! You have such a way with words, and I adore you love for our Lord!

  8. Same way. I just need to be worked on so much.

  9. You are so beautiful and spiritual! Thanks for having an uplifting blog for us to read!


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