Their Footprints, My Wardrobe.

posted on: 10.15.2011

How precious are the feet of those that free, not enslave

I found out I currently have 31 slaves working for me. Most of my slaves come from the very nations God has placed in my heart. What affects the most in my total of slaves is my closet. I'm not so obsessed with clothes, but I have collected a lot of it through the years. I really don't buy a lot of things, but when it comes to clothes, I always look for a skirt or a new dress (even when I already have  a lot of dresses). How can I preach freedom when I myself am enslaving? Can I live with the fact that I have stylish clothes (in my opinion anyways!) because of someone's oppression? Can I keep buying at these store where the CEOs are getting richer with my purchase but the people who actually manufacture it are not paid justly?
I know the Lord would not let me ignore the issue. I have taken a new approach when it comes to my wardrobe:

1. Not buying in places where clothes are made in sweatshops. Yesterday's outfit was bought in a store that make a limited number of items (they're sweatshop-free) making each piece handmade & one of a kind. The con of buying at stores like this is that they're not as cheap as sweatshop-related mega-stores (think forver 21, etc).

2. You don't need more clothes. Inspired by this lady and these 3 ladies, I have decided that I don't really need more clothes. So, in order to not support this type of modern slavery AND not hurt my wallet at the same time, I've decided to not shop anymore. I could put away that money into serving the persecuted church, sponsoring a child or saving for a mission's trip. Something I need to work on a lot is changing my mentality of "receiving" into one of "giving". I know I can give without getting, that's the biblical way {Matthew 6:3}! (which is why I don't support TWLOHA or Tom's shoes, no offense to those that do. That's my personal conviction). 

Supporting (life-changing) Stories: On Thursday, a group of kids came to my house selling chocolates. I don't really like chocolates, but I felt the Lord tell me to give them the money for a chocolate [without getting the chocolate] as a donation. The kids were so shocked, they were insisting on giving me the chocolate anyway! I told them the first half of the Scripture for my mindset and, as it turns out, they were Christians and one of them ended up finishing the second half of the verse! Isn't life better when God is not only a part of it, but the center of it?

On Friday, I saw this girl on the train wearing a cute outfit, so I commented on it. Then we began to talk about wardrobe and how she sold most of her clothes. With the money she saved (and eventually saved from not buying more) she took herself to New York and had a grand time. She hopes  to go to another place next year! She also gave me some other neat tips . It was an inspiring conversation at best. It's good to know style doesn't have to be frumpy and ugly even when you're trying not to support these big stores. She was example of a "you can look great, be great and travel with greatness".

This is a burden in my heart. I know it's overwhelming to try to go against the current, especially when there is so few of us. But I'm determined. My guy says that it only takes one person to change the world, just like it only took one Jesus to change mine. Could you reflect on this? You don't have to agree with my approach, just agree with me in the sense that there is an issue. What would your approach be?

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  1. wow. these are amazing and thought provoking thoughts. this is my first time on your blog {although i've seen you commenting at several different places} and i'm so very inspired. your convictions are very hard to find in people these days. you have caused me to think more about where i put my money. thank you.

  2. "How can I preach freedom when I myself am enslaving?" eye-opening. I was projected to have 34 slaves, and its so convicting to think that we can't even comprehend their daily lives. So humbling.

  3. wow, I really enjoyed this post. I completely agree with everything you said and am inspired to change the way I shop. When I lived in the states, ALL of my clothes were second hand, thrift, or bought at places like salvation army and savers. When I moved to PR, finding stores like those was almost impossible. Pretty please share those amazing tips with us or email me then as soon as you can! jaja! You have a beautiful heart and im inspired by how you seek to glorify God in every thing you do.

  4. so great & inspiring! thanks for sharing.

  5. That's so interesting. I've never even thought about that! I've been thinking about all the clothes I have and it's a very good idea. I mean, we don't need that many when some people have NONE.

  6. that's inspirative :) btw I love your 1st picture. Btw wanna follow me back? xoxo

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this! You are so right on!

  8. girl I feel like just hollering "come on with it!". Your preaching something that is on many hearts. Many, many hearts and mine is definitely one of them. I use my insecurities about my weight as a way to feed the poisonous monster named "greed" within me. She wants to be clothed beautifully and overlook the cost (aka sweatshops) because it is cheaper and more affordable.

    Something I do is choose to shop at recycled stores or GoodWills or Thrift stores. The money isn't going right into the big machines hands and I get to save a pretty penny and get whatever I need (dress to a wedding, new shoes...etc.)

    To me it's like borrowing the rags of America with dignity. But I can totally relate to this post because sometimes when I have the money I just want to go to NORDSTROM and go wild...
    That isn't biblical living.

    Pray for my contentment not just with my body but with my means and what the Lord so graciously has already given me.

    Blessings girl. Excuse my paragraph and how I am all over the place.


  9. wow what a thought provoking post :)that girl who sold her clothes - what a great story! x

  10. very conscientious of you! very good role model...hopefully this will encourage brands to change their operations...

  11. Pretty girl, with a pretty heart that is AFTER God. That is what this post spoke! I am WITH YOU sister, all the way. You are so wise, you can see that you are LIGHT and abide with Christ, and that you are wanting and living out the KINGDOM life. We are not living for THIS WORLD. We have to learn to be IN THE WORLD not of it. I think it's all a weening process, and we are all enslaved to different things, whether it's clothing, make-up, (ok, ALL FASHION), porn,'s all a refining process and and I think it's nothing short of beautiful to be aware of these things, and then want to make a change. I mean if you think about it, Jesus wore A ROBE! Love you girl...thanks for challenging us all.


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