What I love most about the Lord

posted on: 10.03.2011

We love because he first loved us.
–1 John 4:19
What do I  love most about Him?
That I was first loved by Him.
And I just can't help but cry about it.
If you knew who I was, what I'd done, the things I've gone through...
His forgiveness is the result of my love & devotion for Him.
He chose the nails for a sinner like me (and you).
Can you believe that? The Most High God died the most humiliating way
for me and called it fair; a spotless lamb in exchange for filthy rags (Isaiah 64:6).
Today, I am undone at His love. I am here at His feet with my alabaster jar (Luke 7:36-50). I am washing His feet with my tears, wiping them with my hair and kissing His holiness. I am pouring my worship as perfume, anointing His feet with it. This oil, this worship, this perfume, has cost me! The process has been much like an olive; crushed to obtain its oil.
I have stopped caring about the Pharisees that point at me, the righteous who love little.
I am here, pouring out my gratitude for His love.
"Therefore, I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven—as her great love has shown. But whoever has been forgiven little loves little." –Luke 7:47
It is then I realize that what I love about Him is exactly who He is, Love.
Whoever does not love does not know God, because God is love.
–1 John 4:8

Take the world and give me Jesus.

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  1. i love those moments where the world is so empty, the world is reeling in grief or destruction, and yet you know you are safe. because He has you.

    ohhh, what glory.

  2. LOVE this - such a beautiful reminder of His LOVE and grace! I feel as though our stories may be more similar than we've realized... I am very encouraged today!

  3. He is simply beautiful, and what is lovely to see is the process in which He reveals his heart to each one of us in the most romantic and precious ways. Beautiful, dear!

  4. My gosh. I love Him!
    I was praying the other day and I couldn't stop saying thank you and then I realized something, that God IS everything good. Everything free and loving and giving. It's quite hard to put into words.

  5. I love this. The focus always comes back to loving Him and keeping our eyes on HIM. We all easily can be the homosexuals, killers, theives...etc that the bible talks about. We can easily be the pharisees and saducees looking for only signs and the appearance of holiness..

    We can easily be those people that yelled crucify! crucify! to our God upon the cross.

    When our eyes are off of Him and how much HE loved us before we loved Him.
    And His mercy and forgiveness.
    And His love.

    Way to shift the focus back to what matters girl.


    may God build you into the amazing temple that HE sees you as and may His glory fill you!!

  6. Internet is such an amazing thing. I love that I get to meet so many faithful bloggers here. It really makes the world a better place for me - it really does. :)

    I got here through The Blair Affairs and I'm so glad I bumped into your blog! :P

    Maybe you could come visit me too sometime. I'd love that.. Have a nice week!


  7. This post, just filled my day with strength and daisies, apple pie and chamomile tea, good stuff good feelings :D -Ana

  8. What a good thing to take the time to ponder and write down. I love your list!! :]

  9. what a beautiful post!


  10. Do you read Watchman Nee? He writes about something similar with the Alabaster! The book The Normal Christian Life...Thanks for this beautiful post, my heart beats for the same God...

  11. beautiful beyond words. His love is so unconditional and i dont even think I can grasp how unconditional and that amazes me.

  12. @Gina I haven't read that book but I would love to! I was inspired to write this post by Luke 7:36-50. A timely word.

  13. beautiful words. I love the Lord!!

  14. i love this post. and it reminds me today, when i most need to hear it that he loved me first, that because of it i know him and now love him.

    thank you for sharing!

  15. I love how God loved us first, and I love this post :-)

  16. Hey smiles! Just found your blog and I am so happy about it, because your words have been encouraging to me today.
    I am so blessed to find another woman of the Lord via blogger - and I pray that God continues to give you the strength to keep spreadin' the love! God bless!

  17. His love is all we need! I love this and needed it, thanks so much for sharing!


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