la certeza de lo que se espera

posted on: 11.19.2011

"When the will of man acts in accord with the will of God, that is faith. When the will of man acts in opposition to the will of God, that is unbelief."

" is a far cry from feeling or religious mood. It is not vague. It hears the Word of the Lord and it acts."

"To those who will He gives"

"There are truths that cannot be known except by doing them. The Gospels show many cases of those who wished to understand rather than to obey."

"The Bible does not explain everything necessary for our intellectual satisfaction, but it explains everything necessary for our obedience and hence, for God's satisfaction."

I've been reading my journal from last fall and found a bunch of quotes from Elisabeth Elliot. She had a lot to say about faith, something that's being tested in this season I'm in.

I want a faith that moves mountains.
I want more of God.

O, Lord, make me faithfull

quotes by Elisabeth Elliot, The Glad Surrender
click each picture for source.

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  1. I love. This. Every bit of it. The pictures. Your words. Everything. This is so inspiring.

  2. I really like the last quote from Elisabeth Elliot. Sooo true.

  3. i always enjoy this blog.

  4. Mmm. i need to check out some of her other books OBVIOUSLY. I didn't see any others at B&N though. Have you read PASSION AND PURITY??? such an encouragement and amazing biblically sound lesson in pursuit and trusting the LORD.


    LOVE YOUR BLOG GIRL! God is using you

  5. beautiful beautiful photographs!!

  6. lovely photos. and a precious post. happy to have found your blog. xoxo

  7. hey :) i think im new! i love your blog, the photos, the writing... everything :) elisabeth elliot is one of my fav writers too. please keep writing and sharing! and im sure the prayer for more faith is one that God will answer :)

    p.s. totally up for swapping buttons so if you'll have me then let me know:) it'd be an honour!


  8. So, so stunning. x hivenn p.s enter my $200 shopbop giveaway?

  9. You and me both girl. Love these quotes.

  10. somebody i know was just talking about elzabeth elliot....need to go check her out, that's two times in a week lol. have a happy thanksgiving ashley!!! love you!!

  11. so many beautiful quotes and photos.


  12. absolutely beautiful post!
    LOVE elisabeth elliot!

  13. Precious pics, precious words!!!

  14. LOVING this post!!

  15. Sweet girl, this blog is so precious. I just stumbled upon it from bloglovin, and it reminds me of how I feel sometimes- minus the boyfriend.

    xo. Little Miss


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