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posted on: 11.30.2011

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I'm sure you've seen this pair before. They're my favorite shoes in the whole wide world. Not only are they in leather & comfortable, but they also remind me of Cholé's triple strap pumps. This is definitely the next best thing :)

Erandi, owner of Goldenponies, is offering the readers of Prettyladysmiles a discount code! I'm tempted to buy a pair of those mary janes or ankle boots. They will make a great holiday gift.

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  1. i am in love with those shoes! they're so cute!!

    allister bee blog

  2. the shoes by Chloe rock my littlen fashion mind...


  3. I just asked for them for christmas! THANK YOU!

  4. Hi! Those shoes look absolutely comfortable! You totally rock them.

    Oh! And I couldn't help but notice your love for God! I am truly inspired. I enjoy reading blog posts that are based on their walk with God. My blog is also based on my walk with Him, in hopes that it will influence others and make God be known. :)

    Hope all is well! I am glad that I stumbled upon your blog! I will follow you now! :)

    - Missa

  5. Lovely shoes....



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