20 cents Gospel

posted on: 1.23.2012

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For whatever one sows, that will he also reap. Galatians 6:7b
You can trust that when the Lord doesn't? give words to speak here, He is testing me. There's not testimony without test, right? That was the case today. I was in Galatians last week and the Lord finally gave me the verse for this year out of it(maybe I passed the test on 'believe'). He spoke to me through Galatians so much, I'm still digesting those 6 chapters.

Today I was tested with chapter 6, verse 7.
Here's the story:

Girl has one class today. Girl gets up late because girl is being lazy. Girl does not spend time with the Lord in the morning because she is late, a result of her laziness. Girl gets distracted and leaves her house even later than the time she was supposed to be out for (for the sake of parking, not class hour). She finds a parking space (God provision #1). However, girl realizes she forgot her wallet at home and is short 20 cents to pay for parking.
Girl prays: "God, you knew this would happen because of my laziness. Because I didn't have time to hear you speak this morning. If I had, you would've reminded me of my wallet. But You let this happen to remind me not to depend on myself. Lord, have mercy on me, a sinner. If You would be so gracious to provide by 2:35pm this afternoon, I will be grateful for this lesson". Girl walks to class & gets to there a few minutes early (God provision #2). Girl believes that the Lord will provide, somehow. She doesn't know how, but He will. He must. The Girl clearly understands how foolish she had been! She repented and was trusting Him to come through with 20 cents. Her life depended on 20 cents today.

Girl enjoys class, pushing back any doubt, anxiousness and worry from her mind. Girl gets out of class around 2:28pm. Girl decides to walk to the paying booth to wait on God. At 2:30pm, girl stumbles (literally) with a girl from church. Girl from church provides 20 cents before 2:35pm. God uses her to encourage girl from church. They carry on with their days.
Girl is blown by God's provision and ability to teach & test her.
God provided for me. Not because I did anything to receive it, not because I was worthy of it. If anything, I was at fault. He didn't have to fix my mistake, but He did. He wasn't late to do so.

What you didn't know about me was that, last semester, I paid for someone's parking at school. I didn't know who he was. He didn't ask me to, I just did because I wanted to sow a little kindness. I wasn't there to hear a 'thank you' or receive recognition for doing good. I was just somebody trying to be intentional about doing good for anybody. Little did I know the spiritual boomerang it created.

Not only that, but this girl from church hasn't been doing well. She actually stopped assisting church recently. God wanted us to have a divine appointment for her benefit as well! He wanted to use me in this person's life!!! Can you believe that? After me not having quiet time that morning? I try not to beat myself up for it but, who knows if God wanted me to speak something specifically for her life from my quiet time? I learned that laziness affects the way I'm salt to this world.

Another thing you don't know is that after class, I called my mom. If I have questions, she usually gives me possible answers/solutions. I tried to take matters on my own hands by calling her (even though the Spirit urged me not to... but that's another story) and by God's grace, she didn't. I needed to believe He would come through because He is all I'll ever have and need. You see, God taught me about my nakedness and how He covers it. Adam & Eve took matter in their own hands by picking leaves to cover their nakedness. They had the concept of needing to be covered, but like humans, they solved their problem the way they only knew how. Yet God knew what they needed, He knew how to cover their disobedience and mistake. And He did, the only way He knows how.
And the LORD God made for Adam and for his wife garments of skins and clothed them.
—Genesis 3:21

He covered their nakedness. He had to sacrifice to create garments of skins for them. Jesus had to give His life for me so that my nakedness and shame would be covered. My mistake, and He covered me. My fault, and He covered me. My irresponsibility, His grace. I'm humbled. You bet I'm running to His presence as you read this.

This is a summary of 3 hours of my life, covered by God.
This is my 20 cents Gospel.

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  1. This is so beautiful. Laziness has definitely been my hindrance in my walk too, especially when sleep comes into play. Still definitely trying to work through that!

  2. I wish you lived down the block and we could have coffee or tea and just pray, cry, read and talk. What a blessing to know that GOD is the same all over this green earth. I was brought to tears of just godly sorrow reading this. God covers us daily with the air in our lungs, the able bodies we have...food... shelter... And we are quite, very undeserving. in the midst of laziness and pride He covers, speaks, uses us. SUCH an amazing GOD we serve my dear sister. You are loved and your transparency is a lovely refreshment here in california :)!.



  3. You challenge me so much. It never ceases to amaze me how open you are to letting God teach you through every situation. Too often I forget to include God in the equation. Thank you.

  4. I think many of us struggle with moments just like these...I know that I often race through my days (due to procrastination) and often forget to spend real good time with God EVERY day. It shows.

  5. your heart is clearly so lovely, i am encouraged by your sweet words and look forward to following this precious blog!



  6. you have such an amazing heart...even paying for someone's parking? great post


  7. Goodness me. I love this testimony. So many good things in this that enouraged me. As always, you bring a little glow from your heart to my own :) Thank you. xx

  8. Amen.
    I was really thinking about this and testing God in this (as He has been testing me as well)
    When you think about it, the Israelites were out of covenant with God for 40 years. 40! And He still fed them and clothed them and kept them warm even though they were no where He wanted them to be.
    Crazy how He provides if only we BELIEVE He will.

  9. beautiful post. sometimes i like to be the meter fairy and put change in people's meters when they are low.


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