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posted on: 3.14.2012

[no pictures, no outfits, no quotes. No, not today. All I can offer you are more questions than answers.]
prettylady is my web personality, a sort of brand if you wish. It is a part of me, but not all of me. It's the thoughts in my head, the ideas from everyday life & the voice of my actions. I say all of this because even though it has taken me years to be 'me', with the push of the 'delete' button it can all fade away. I've seen it time and time again how people who are known, loved and treasured in this online world just simply disappear. I have asked why this would happen but I guess that's really irrelevant.
The real question is: why not?

This got me thinking. As you can tell, I haven't finished my thoughts on the matter.
There is something spiritual about the seen and unseen.
Do we really stop existing once we stop entertaining the world, feeding our dreams and believing what we're told?
Is being forgotten really the price we pay for our silence?
Am I not more than my words, my appearance & what I create?
Why are we so afraid of not having our own identity?

To take up Christ is to be invisible. To put Him on is to think, speak, walk like He did. After all, He was no one for 30 years before He became the only possible solution... our only hope... my only Someone.

"Lord, I hide behind your cross... May people see You when I walk, may the people feel You when I'm near, may the people hear You when I speak &, above all, may the people know Your love when I love. Let me disappear; become invisible. You are more than my face, my flesh & bones. Let me fade in light of You. Until you and I are one."

So I put on Christ. I may not be the best imitator of Him all the time, but I sure do know the world doesn't need the best 'me' I can be.

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  1. "To take up Christ is to be invisible. To put Him on is to think, speak, walk like He did." I love that. Amen sister. What a great post.

  2. A beautiful and heart-felt post!! Thank you for sharing. :)

  3. Gah, love this. Thanks for continually blessing me, sister!

  4. I'd love to hear more of your thoughts about this Ash! It is an interesting subject. Thank you for the reminder that our identity is and should always be found in Christ.

    PS: I just saw that your man is going to India! I've been there! I would really love to sponsor you/ him for next month!

  5. beautiful!

    we all have this hunger to be KNOWN. but these days I feel God saying to me more and more "just stay in the hidden place for now". When it's the right time, we'll be revealed but only because Christ himself is being revealed.

    a life with Jesus is full of paradoxes eh? you're definitely more than what you present yourself on here and that in itself is amazing. a mystery.

  6. Thinking lots on this lately...
    I have it in a bad way. But a good way. I'm not sure which...

  7. i was thinking about a thought similar to this today. i was thinking that as much as i think god is weighing what i do/don't do... he really just sees christ. my self has disappeared in his perfect life. thank goodness, right?

  8. This nails the thoughts I have been having recently. <3 Thank you.


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