There are days..

posted on: 4.14.2012

There are days I dream of being a mother... but I am not selfless enough yet.

There are days I listen to music without vocals to quiet down who I am.

There are days I actually turn on the TV to see what I've missed... I flip through all the channels but nothing is interesting.

There are days when I cook and it feels like that feeling will never end... but then I won't cook for days.

There are days I need rest... but I'm awake by 8am.

There are days I'm in inspiration mode... but don't have time in it to stay.

There are days I don't talk to the Lord... those few days are not the best.

There are days one feels pretty... there are days one does not.

There are days trapped in a daydream... but reality snatches you away.

There are days for joy and laughter... they seem far in tears & pain.

There are days you had yesterday... tomorrow is not yours yet.

There are days to make sense... there are days for nonsense.

There are days I have so much to do... that I don't do.

There are days I want to blog... but I have nothing to say.

There's are days... and then there's today.
a poem, a ramble, or whatever you want to call it - by me

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  1. Love, love, love this! There are days when I daydream about what a stable career in life might be like...oh and so much more! :)

  2. All of these are so so true!

  3. i love this :) thank you so much Ash :)

  4. IN LOVE with this!!! What a gift this post is!!

  5. I seem to be having quite a few days like that myself.

  6. wow...i can relate to every single one of those.

  7. In love with your header and that instax wide photograph <3

  8. I think we all have experienced all of these days. Lovely writing, dear

  9. I love this Ashley. You are so beautiful! I know some of those days. Reminds me of Ecclesiastes 3. There really is a time for everything.

  10. ohhh i love this. very beautiful. your words are good.

  11. absolutely adore this post so very much! and i'm right there with you on those days when you have nothing to write about but want to blog. might just have to steal this idea sometime ;)
    xo TJ


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