posted on: 6.21.2012

Seeing his face for a little bit more.
I get to spend the longest day of the year with this guy. I am truly blessed.

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  1. Aw, this s so sweet.... I hope I have something like this one day!

  2. remember who you are in the Lord.. never forget what it means, to truly love, and o be truly loved. it comes with Christ as the center, moving through both of you so that the focus is NOT on the two of you, but on God.

    1. It will never be about us, it just can't; purposeless. :)

  3. Aww! So glad you two got to spend some time together! =)

  4. truly adorable, you two are an amazing couple!
    love you ashley.
    <3 morgan

  5. Yay! You guys are seriously one of the most adorable couple's ever! :) Your sweet love makes me smile! ;)

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