Compelled in Puerto Rico

posted on: 7.09.2012

I was reluctant. I didn't necessarily want to go to Puerto Rico. Honestly, I wouldn't have chosen to go there... But the Lord opened a door, and I figured, "why not."

Praise the Lord He isn't limited by my attitude. 

Two hours after my feet hit PR soil everything changed. There was a desire in my heart to spread the gospel to these beautiful people. There was a genuine love that I felt for them that wasn't there hours prior. He was molding my heart to be more like His... I could feel it.

I went knowing I would be put on a construction crew.  Never having done anything quite like it before, I didn't know what to expect. As I was raking garbage out of the dirt, as I was pulling rusted nails out of a tin roof, as I was cutting and stacking wood -- I thought of Jesus.

"Jesus got up from the meal, took off His outer clothing, and wrapped a towel around His waist. After that, He poured water into a basin and began to wash His disciples’ feet, drying them with the towel that was wrapped around Him." - John 13:4-5

Jesus did something no one else wanted to do. It was the lowest of jobs, yet He did it willingly. Playing kickball with children is fun (we did that, too), but that was something I wanted to do -- it was something I looked forward to and enjoyed. Raking filth out of the dirt, however, wasn't as enjoyable... but it still had to be done. He showed me in a real and personal way that service isn't always clean. It's not always fashionable and picture perfect. I might, in fact, have to break a sweat, and step out of my comfort zone. 

He is so gracious. I'm so thankful that He would choose to use me. I don't deserve to know this love.

Photo credit: my friend Anna.

Rylie is such an inspiration to me in many ways. Her spiritual walk is encouraging as much as it is challenging. Lord knows that I'm humbled by the fact that this girl became the hands and feet of Jesus on my own country. You're a blessing Rylie! May you never part from the road less traveled.

Catch more of miss Rylie on her blog Compelled

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  1. Beautiful post! It really inspired me.

    Rachel Keeth // Lavender & Honey

  2. ashley, im so glad you posted this.
    Creo que ella se quedo en Campamento del Caribe. Where I live :)
    Nunca la vi, porque eran MILLONES de personas quedandose esa semana, pero que cool, verda'? :)

  3. Humble service was Jesus' style for sure!! I went to PR (Arecibo) for my first mission trip ever, and it was there that I realized He was calling me to work with children. He is so good to us!

  4. Thank you for this great reminder and encouragement! I'll be headed to South Africa in a little over 2 weeks. My sister and I will be working with Impact Africa and doing ministry in the slum areas; spreading the love and message of Christ. I have been on a few missions trips and been involved in missions a lot in my life. But I know that this upcoming trip to South Africa is going to wreck me. Getting me way out of my comfort zone of always looking put-together and having all the things I am use to. I am super excited for what God will do!

  5. GOODNESS! I love your blog! Every time you write I feel inspired and lifted up to HIM!



  6. Aww so good! Love how He blesses obedience!


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