Anyone can be Batman

posted on: 8.07.2012

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I can't believe I'm writing a post with a movie title like that. But hey, a girl's got to do what a girl's got to do.

First thing, I was blow away by this movie. Great character development, incredibly well made & a good balance of action + romance to keep you interested but not disgusted. This, coming from the girl who values foreign films above US movies—this says a lot. You can say this movie restored the hope of Hollywood actually producing an overall good morals in a movie.

Now, we have this very attractive, orphan millionaire—insert Christian Bale, err uhh, I mean, Bruce Wayne— and the mystery surrounding him. And no, the mystery is not why he is still single, the mystery is the secret he keeps... you may or may not know what it is.

So then this Batman figure appears. Raspy voice, cool gadgets, secret lair—the whole deal. He's the symbol of greater good prevailing, the superhero, the guy that gives it all without asking in return. And over and over, it is being stated: Anyone can be Batman.
While I would never put on a bat-looking mask & a cape (in public anyways), much less stroll the night on some priceless high technology vehicle, I can put on righteousness & imitate Christ. I can be a reflection of the victory of truth, justice & good prevailing. I can be the superhero in my house & city, I can give my all to those who can never repay me because it's worth it. I may be hated or loved by those I help but that cannot be my motivation. I do it because of the mercy, grace & forgiveness I've received. Bruce Wayne could've grown to be a little punk after losing his parents, he could've been angry and resentful. He could've grown to be the evil villain instead of the superhero. But because of the good he saw in Alfred & Commisioner Gordon, he decided to believe in the good inside of him, to see the good in others and to fight evil when it threatened that. Anyone could be Batman, if they wanted to.

In my story, I'm choosing to be the superhero. I'm choosing to be like Jesus.
I believe that's the message of the Gospel: Anyone can be Jesus. Even me.

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  1. That's awesome. I love this. And how ironic because just the other day I was walking to Morgan about how people don't believe in Heroes anymore and don't believe they can be a hero. Rrlating that to Jesus = mind blown.
    And I loved the movie.

  2. Ohh --- that I needed to hear today.

    "I do it because of the mercy, grace & forgiveness I've received."

    The motivation for it all - behind every action. Love is the driving motivation behind everything.

  3. this is pretty awesome.
    i still have yet to see the movie but when i read things like this I'm convinced!

  4. Awesome, encouraging post Ashley =D I will have to think up some great questions.

  5. I haven't see the movie yet... I'm waiting til the end of this month to see it with Matt! Which by the way reminds me, his name is Matt Mann, so Batman has always had a special place in my heart :) I definitely am excited to see it.


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