ranting before September knocks

posted on: 8.30.2012

Yes, it's true, the virtual world can do without me.
School started and routines are setting in.
By the time I'm home, I'm doing everything it takes to be in bed.
Also, haven't had internet for a week now and haven't missed it.
God has put much joy in my heart that life is too carefree for me.
It seems that 2012 is the year my work is published in magazines; at 21, that ain't too bad.
Shooting everyday has been impossible since classes started, but I'm shooting more often than not.
Been on my own for the past two weeks and loved it.
I like doing photography but I love that I don't "love it" as a job; I love people. Photography stems from that, not the other way around.
I can't have goals for myself. I just don't get the importance of achieving them. I'm not less without them.
This blog is not my own—600+ followers since my absence? Yeah, that's God.
I finally purchased a Russian film camera I've been admiring for a time now. I did conquer the Russian technology of the time (brilliant by the way—light metering is manual!) but the camera was faulty. It will be on its way to the Ukraine this weekend. I'm glad I failed though, if that makes sense.
Life is wonderful—but because it's quite the opposite; ugly, sinful, complicated, in desperate need of God.
True peace is when you don't care for encouragement nor critique.

The only constant in my life is that I cannot do without God.

18 Smiles:

  1. you are truly inspirational! I love all your work!

  2. God is clearly your center.
    xoxo lynn

  3. awesome! Sounds like you are balanced and have a sense of inner peace. Published at 21?? Congrats! not too shabby!


  4. I just love you Ashley! I leave so encouraged after every post! I love what you said about loving people more than your job! beautiful.

  5. The photo is beautiful, and i love your writing :)

  6. beautiful blog:)amazing inspirations.

  7. These types of posts are seriously the best.
    And oh my word. 600+!! God is so good. I remember your blog from way back when up to 100 followers, 300, and now this. God has blessed your faithfulness and that is a wonderful thing. You are such an awesome lady. What an honor it is to know you.
    Happy week.

  8. "I love people. Photography stems from that, not the other way around"

    i love this. i had my first day of class and a few others said they LOVE people and i love how the two connect :)

    you're an amazing girl ashley!

  9. Great post. Good luck with school! Xx

  10. I'm so happy for you Ashley!! It is SO true!

  11. Lovely blog.

  12. So excited for you!! Glad you've been enjoying time away. I know it can be so good to unplug.

  13. which camera did you get? i have zenith and FED (both from my parents). Love them!

    1. I had a zenit-E! I will try to get one again in the future :) great cameras

  14. sorry but you are amazing and wonderful, and God just blessed you with so many gifts!!!

    tell me what you are in school for!?

  15. So glad I found you blog. Love your writing and your blog name. :)


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