A God who goes beyond our needs

posted on: 10.03.2012

Okay, I’ve exhausted my mind trying to figure out how I could begin this entry. 
I’ll just start with a simple introduction: I’m Ashley Maisonet.

I’ve been so courteously invited to write on Ashley’s (the other one) blog.

Let me start with some history. For a long time now, I’ve always been fascinated with photography.
It was always something I enjoyed messing around with, but not something I thought to take up as a hobby.
However, about two years ago I met the lovely Ashley Santiago (soon-to-be Holstein! Ahhh!).
It was then, that my interest in photography was truly ignited.
She would always let me “play” with her camera when we were together and for me, it was the absolute best thing.
It was then that I realized I wanted to take up photography!
One problem though: I didn’t have a camera.

Well, over the summer I was blessed with my first job and decided that I would save up money to buy a nice DSLR.
I knew that it would take time, but no matter how quickly I wanted that camera,
I needed to make sure never to keep money that did not belong to me. Allow me to explain.

I’ve learned the important principle about tithes and offerings.
The money I receive honestly doesn’t belong to me. It belongs to the Lord.
Does He need my small amounts of cash?
No, but the Bible teaches us that we are to take 10% from what receive and separate it for the Lord.
I see this as a clear act of trust, obedience and devotion.
I was faithfully keeping up with that and was confident that whatever I sowed, I would also reap.
So what happened?

Well, there came a point a few months after I started working
and obediently bringing my tithes and offerings before God, in which my faith was tested.

I didn’t doubt on God’s provision. He has never failed providing for my family and I.
But I began contemplating over my priorities, and I needed to save money for a car,
The camera was going to have to wait.
I remember sharing my thoughts with my mom on my way back home from a Wednesday night service;
in the silence of my mind, a thought popped into my head:
“Is tithing and bringing offerings to God really worth it?”
For the next five minutes, I completely neglected the selfless attitude we should have regarding tithes and offerings.
It was selfish of me to doubt God because I wasn’t coming up with enough money for something that I didn’t really NEED.

When we arrived home I had to return a missed call to a family member from New York. I don’t see or talk to them often, so I found it strange that I was receiving a call from one of them.
After several minutes of “catching-up” talk, Alex (my second cousin) asks me,
“Hey Ash, do you have a camera?” My jaw dropped and I was filled with laughter.
I found it funny that I had just been talking to my mom less than an hour before about the whole situation.
I explained to him that I was saving up for one and he quickly responded with these words:
“Well, stop saving up because Jed [his son] has a camera he would like to give you if you would like to have it.”  I was completely stunned.
Jed is a professional photographer up in New York and my cousin explained to me that he was selling some equipment but, there was one camera in particular that he wanted to give to someone that he knew would put to it to good use. It was the camera he used when he first entered the world of photography.
He remembered a small conversation we had a few months prior about my interest in photography and asked his dad to contact me and present me with the generous offer.
Of course I accepted!!

I told Alex that I was just talking to my mom about holding off on my camera savings.
He replied, “Well, you see how God works?”

Needless to say, I was filled with awe and joy that night. It was obvious that God intervened in that situation.
He is so abundantly gracious that even in the midst of my doubt He decided to remind me that He is Jehovah-Jireh, my Provider.
He had already met every one of my needs. And because I decided to commit my ways to Him even in finances,
He saw my heart’s desire and blessed me with a camera.

It’s a great beginner camera, which is what I needed. I have no doubt that God will also provide for my next camera.
I also have no doubt that He will also provide in your life.
Not only supplying your needs, but taking a look at your desires and blessing you when you least expect it.

Don’t doubt His provision. He’s always faithful. I thought my desire for a camera was the last thing God cared about.
It goes to show that there is nothing too minimal for God to act in accordance to in your life.
He sees even the tiniest of your cares, dreams, goals and desires.
Have faith; present it before God. Above all things, commit your ways to Him. He will take care of the rest. 
Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you your heart’s desires. 
Commit everything you do to the LORD.
Trust him, and he will help you.
—Psalm 37:4-5
Ashley Maisonet is a 16-yr-old worship leader at SLT International church.
When she's not in school or leading worship, she's taking naps with her golden retriever (Jade) or recording music covers.
She is found over at her youtube channel.
Mentoring her has been one of the most rewarding experience in my life.
Thank you so much for sharing about God's provision! It resonates with me.

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  1. I can definitely relate. Lately God has provided so many of my needs as I start college and I just can't stop thanking him every night before going to bed. He provides!!

    "Jehova Jireh, eres quien provee
    Jehova Nisi, tu peleas por mí"

  2. I loved this post! Its one of my absolute favorites, I can relate as well! Our God is a good God! I had been looking for a job through high school and college and it wasn't working out. I had given up telling the Lord to take care of it so i could focus on school, A week after this i turned in an application just to turn one in(i didn't think anything would happen) anyways, I had graduated college this past week with honors(praise God!!), and just a day after graduation I got a call for a job interview from the job i just turned in an application too! I screamed an praised God in that moment i was happy to just get my first interview, everything went well, i met with the assistant manager and he liked me and wanted me to meet with the manager i agreed, i went in for the second interview( i waited 2 hours!) and low and behold come to find out the manager is my best friend of 8 years and he hired me on the spot! Now I'm a working woman! God knew that i didn't NEED a job right away i just WANTED one because all of my friends had one, he gave me one when absolutely needed it and i plan on serving the lord through this blessing!

  3. That is wonderful. And so true.. we have to believe and have faith that he is looking out for us and will take care of us. Also, the more you give the more you get.

  4. this was really encouraging
    you love the Lord and your heart longs to live with integrity before Him.
    He is our provider and all things are from him.

    thank you!


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