The day my iPhone shattered.

posted on: 10.30.2012

On Sunday night my iPhone's back shattered. It got tangled between my sheets (they're white—it happens) and well, somehow the phone landed on the floor, shattering it's back.
The distance from my bed to the floor is not much, so I'm not sure how it cracked... but it did this time.
I was tempted to cry for one second because of course the iPhone is not cheap and repairs tend to be pricey, but most of me was so relieved....actually, I was happy. For some odd reason, my phone wouldn't turn on, even if the back was the only thing shattered. I thought for sure it would still work regardless of a shattered exterior. No quite.

"Well God, I need you to wake me up tomorrow morning because my phone was my alarm."—I said at 2am (when I needed to wake up at 6am).
He did. At 6am sharp.

When I got stuck in my school's parking because the parking thing wouldn't let me in (the thing gives you a number to call if that sort of thing happens), it just so happens that the parking manager was only a few feet away from my car. Another God thing.

When my second class was going to start, and I had no idea because I didn't have my phone to tell me time, someone who had the time kindly stayed with me until it was time for my class.

When I was meeting with someone but had no idea is she would be on her way or if she had left already, God quieted my soul & assured me she would be there.

When I almost had a car accident today (not my fault by the way), I saw God protect me in a way where I literally felt I had cheated death.

God was there for all of it.

And as I was walking to class, I felt God tell me to write about what I learned from having a shattered phone.

I learned to be present & aware.
I learned patience.
I learned to wear a watch.
I learned that I trust God more than I give myself credit for.
I learned to not stress when faced with challenges.
I learned that God takes care of me always.
I learned that I don't like when people can reach me at the push of a button or a sent text.
I learned that I don't need google as much as I thought I did. Or instagram.
I learned to appreciate the moment without capturing it & sharing it with the world.
I learned that people who want to reach me will make the effort to.
I learned that even when I can't talk to anyone, I can always speak to God.
I learned that I had made my phone an idol and I was serving it instead of the other way around.
I learned that God allowed my phone to be shattered so He could shatter my dependency on my phone.

I was fretting because I felt like God had stopped speaking to me and I had asked God to make me aware of Him and He answered my prayer. But in reality, I had let my iPhone take away from my awareness of God. He was always there and I wasn't paying attention (even though I thought I did). The easy access to answers, reaching people & nonstop entertainment had led me away from seeking God first & depending on Him. I was depending on my phone! How pathetic can I be? Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying the iPhone is evil (although the working conditions of those who manufacture it are highly unethical) but we must be careful to make it more valuable over people & God.

When I got home, I started writing this blog. Then the Lord told me to turn on my phone .
Lo & behold, my iPhone works! Trust me, I tried reviving that thing as soon as it was smashed and it was all in vain! It felt like when Jesus tells the fisherman to cast the nets on one side after they've been sitting there the whole day. I casted my net & knew God was behind this. I just had to laugh!

I don't need an iPhone, I need God. Today was the day my idol shattered.

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  1. awesome. God provides :) sometimes I want my phone to be broken :P

  2. Love this post thanks! and btw you can fix the back glass part for $30 at your apple store. God has blessed me when i went and i got it for free. [they couldn't ring up the item and it was the last one] But in all seriousness i needed to read this. hurricane sandy came and i was worried about our phones not working and losing communication. I need God.

  3. I've been challenged on this just the last couple weeks. I spend far too much time on my phone because I 'have to' with DC and the social media stuff I do for work. Truth is I need to get rid of that idol! When it's the first and last thing I look at when I'm laying in bed, it gets ridiculous. I think I would have cried if mine cracked.. thank you for the refreshing words. I needed the encouragement to let mine go.

  4. Girl, I needed needed needed this; that he doesn't just care about the big things in our lives, but the little, too, like waking up on time and bringing us peace when we're unsure. He is amazing, and thank you for reminding me of that.
    PS- gorgeous new design.

  5. Wow, this is such a lovely story, thanks for sharing :) God really is there whenever we need Him, if we just have faith xx -Jianine

  6. Love this so much, Ashley. I think that we are all often guilty of making idols out of our "stuff"!

  7. love how God can teach us anything through ANYTHING...even broken iphones!

  8. Very nice story! I sooo needed this, it made me realize how co-dependant i was on my iphone even though i use it for my daily scriptures and bible readings, i cant help but feel a gap forming between me and God because instead of rushing to my bible to read my scriptures i use my phone, when i have two perfectly wonderful bibles on my desk that I should actually be using. I cant even leave it at home or i freak out and get upset. Going to try out where i leave it at home on purpose and see how God speaks to me.

  9. Love this! A modern day parable (:

    This actually happened to me a like two years ago. Funny thing is that my phone died while I was IN church on a Palm Sunday. God definitely wanted me to learn a lesson. He wanted me to stop depending so much on that piece of technology at least for the rest of Holy Week. It's ridiculous how much people (myself included) with iPhones depend on that thing. We use it for everything and anything! It's crazy.

  10. The 'I learned to wear a watch' made me smile. And your story reminds me a little bit of Balaam, who was oblivious to God working in his life until his donkey spoke to him! This time, it was a phone. Thanks for reminding me to ask God to be in every little part of my life!

  11. this is great!
    hahah and i love the 3rd point you learned.
    when will i learn to wear a watch

    but seriously amazing.

  12. I love seeing His presence manifest in our daily lives.

    P.S. -- yes, wear a watch haha.

  13. "Today was the day my idol shattered." my favorite part :D

  14. Wow, yes. Its crazy how dependent we are on technology I loved your point about how you can't serve the iPhone it should be the other way around. What a novel idea, right? Thanks for this reminder!
    I've been hit in the face with that, you could say. Hurricane Sandy took our power away for well since tonight when we just got it back. I was made aware of all the little things we are dependent on. Dependent on. We should be dependent on GOD, not lights, heating or internet! And there I was complaining I didn't have internet and that I had to use a flashlight to find my way around the house, meanwhile people have died and many have been forced out of their homes. Selfish much? I'll say.

  15. Darn it. I just made a really long comment about how I love this post and how I've been taught something very similar lately and then it got deleted. Oh well. The thought that counts?

  16. Nooooooooo!!! That would probably be my exact reaction. Only of course, screaming it on the top of my lungs. ha. xo

  17. This is so good! I forgot my charger at my friend's house so I have been a week without it... Thank you for sharing what you got from all the time you have. On your "I learned" list i absolutely agree! Technology can be a way to connect with people but which ones are worth connecting with.

  18. Amazing. I loved this post so much!
    You've inspired me to rely on God again :) So much I've learned to do in my own strength...thank you for your lovely heart!

  19. Just found your blog, love this post. A great lesson, thanks for sharing it with others.

  20. ahhhhh! i wish i could get coffee with you and just talk. your mind is a blessing and God is with you and all over this post. Even in your disobedience you are still with Him :) because He never leaves you. your a beautiful sister in Christ and I cannot wait to see and watch more of your life unfold with our dear heavenly father! because He will use you.

    - ♥ CheChe

    1. Must you always make me cry? Your encouragement meant the world to me today. Thank you.

  21. oh amen amen! What a great wake-up call and put into such wonderful terms. Beautiful :)

  22. Such an amazing post and a powerful lesson. Thank you so much for sharing. I know I definitely have some idols myself...

  23. Wow! What encouraging words, thanks for sharing.


  24. Just found your blog through NS Pottery. So glad I did. Can't wait to read more. xoxo jillian

  25. just found your blog and i LOVE it!!! love your heart. xox

  26. this is so good. i adore this. and i don't even have a phone!

  27. What an awesome blog post. Thank you so much for sharing your entire story, that whole day, with eloquence. I appreciate it more than you know. I think, nowadays, a lot of people have dependence on technology. It could be their phone, their car, their computer, whatever. And there is a lot about "presence." We have to be present online, in space, in the social and digital world. It distances us from each other and from God, I think. You hit that nail right on the head. I think blogging takes me away from the real world somtimes. I get so wrapped up in the lives of others that I forget what I like. I forget what is important to me and what I would like to do.

    Again, thank you.

  28. I hear ya, I have been dealing with a similar situation lately! My computer's sound system decided not to work. I usually use my computer to watch movies/tv shows when I am sad or tired or just need to be entertained, which is not always bad. But I realize that sometimes I abuse it, and choose to watch shows instead of spending time with God. This week when the computer's sound system went silent, I have been intentionally forced to be in silence, and search for God for my satisfaction. :)

  29. What a beautiful post. Very thought provoking. :)

  30. This is awesome. I was just speaking to someone recently about how stuck to our phones we are and how reliant we have become on them. It's amazing to see that God is the only true constant provider for all of our needs. (even if it takes your iPhone breaking for a day)

  31. Wow! Funny enough, I've had a burden in my heart for so long. A burden that I'm addicted to my phone. I've also been thinking of taking a break from it, but didn't know how to. I think I got the idea now. I'll have to step away from my phone for a while and learn to depend on God for everything.

    Thanks for sharing your experience and lessons! :)

  32. What an amazing post. Gives me a lot to think about. Thanks for sharing.



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