10 happy things // Hannah

posted on: 12.26.2012

2012 was a year marked by increase, joy and freedom.
Here are 10 happy things that happened to Hannah this year:
  1. I visited Singapore, a country I had never travelled to before, with two of my good friends from Korea. It was a glorious time because I was no longer working, didn't have any obligations and could relax with my friends. It was also a really good time especially with one friend because we were able to open up and be vulnerable with one another. Happiness: travelling with friends.
  2. A few days before I left Korea my friend planned a really big surprise party for me. She tricked me into getting some coffee before heading to her house. I really wanted to go home and change into my sweat pants but my friends insisted we go upstairs to sit and chat. They directed me into a dark room without any chairs. I kept asking, "Why are we here?" when suddenly the lights came on and around 40 of my friends yelled "SURPRISE!" It was such a bittersweet time for me. I felt super loved and blessed. Happiness: loved
  3. Arriving on Canadian soil after 14 months of being away. I was actually really happy to sit in the Vancouver airport, even though I missed my transfer flight, because I could just soak in the Canadian life I had been missing. Missing my flight was a good transfer flight was good because I got on a flight that got me home earlier. Happiness: familiarity
  4. Seeing my whole family together at the airport after being away from them for 14 months. On top of that, one of my best friends drove 5 hours from Ohio, to surprise me at the airport. Life really is always full of surprises. Happiness: surprises
  5. Being accepted into photojournalism school. I was super grateful and happy with all the support I got when I got accepted. I am the most happiest when the people in my life celebrate my successes with me. Then and there I knew I had a solid group of people in my life praying for me, supporting me and cheering for me. Happiness: achievement
  6. Being at the Jesus Culture conference in New York City with my church family and best friends. It's always such a good and heavenly time to worship with your family. It's a bonus when it's for 3 days straight and with one of the greatest worship bands out there. My life was changed! I got a taste of what heaven was like. That is what pure joy is. Happiness: heavenly worship
  7. Reuniting with my friends and pastors from Korea in New York. I hadn't seen them for 5 months and it was amazing to be around them again. We were all in NYC for a mutual friend's wedding. As hectic as weddings can be, there's so much joy in helping people out when it's crunch time. It helps when you're surrounded by good and fun people. Reunions make me happy. Distance and time away from people can be difficult, but it makes your heart grow for them.
    Happiness: reunions
  8. Experiencing true freedom with my family as we shared our personal stories. Words can't really explain why this was one of the most happiest times. In reality, and at that moment, it was pretty painful. "Though there may be pain in the night, joy comes in the morning." Joy has since increased in our personal lives and in our family. Happiness: breakthroughs and freedom
  9. Meeting the advisors on my photojournalism program's advisory board. I met and talked with photo editors, photographers and those in the newspaper and magazine industry. Hearing words of encouragement was so amazing. On this day I knew I was in the right place. It's amazing to finally know where you're going after years of wandering and seeking.
    Happiness: clarity & favor
  10. Since May I've been mentoring three amazing young girls in university. Every time they email me, ask me for advice or come to me I get super happy. On top of that, they're growing so much in sonship which challenges me to grow in sonship as well. This is one of the greatest things to have happened to me. Having a small group of my own of girls who really trust me. Being in this place pushes me to cling on to Christ and his power even more. Happiness: investing 

So grateful for you, Hannah! Thank for sharing :) 

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  1. love this post and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
    Pass to my blog and if it likes you follow me too, I will be so glad :D

  2. This sounds very happy and I am happy to hear all these happy things.:)

  3. so good hannah! what a wonderful year you've had!

    meeting with you was one of my personal highlights in 2012. thank you for who you are and what you do!

  4. Thank you for featuring me today Ashley! It was awesome thinking of these things.

  5. Hannah is an excellent writer. This is lovely.

  6. Great list! I love happy :) I really liked how descriptive you were with each "happy thing" and that you included the key to unlocking that happiness at the end of each one :)


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