Wisdom Wednesday: Afterword

posted on: 5.01.2013

Questions of how to conduct oneself as a Christian, or how to serve as a Christian, must be answered by life itself—the life of the individual in his direct, responsible relationship to God. This is a dynamic, never static, thing. And how can we speak at all of the true meaning of conduct and service if we do not speak first and last of love? For it is love which sums up all other commands. The one who loves knows better than anyone else how to conduct himself, how to serve the one he loves. Love prescribes an answer in a given situation as no mere rule can do.
 "The man whose life is lived in love does, in fact, live in God, and God does, in fact, live in him."
—Elisabeth Elliot, The Liberty of Obedience, p. 63

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  1. "Love prescribes an answer in a given situation as no mere rule can do." wow
    this is something that's been on my heart but i haven't been able to exactly say it the way she does.
    thank you for sharing this

  2. absolutely love this post, and that quote x

  3. Beautiful! Thank you for sharing!

  4. I've just come across your blog, and I've instantly become a follower. You're words touch me for I am on spiritual journey myself. Thank you for sharing your words.


    GOD bless.


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