back from India

posted on: 6.06.2013

I'm back from my first mission trip! Kolkata, India was a great experience, especially since nothing went according to plan. The beauty of it all was seeing God work through it all to give us a better experience there than any of us could've imagined. A learned many things about the culture there but I learned even more about myself. Thank you so much for the prayers & financial support for this trip! I'll be sending out thank you notes to you all.
I'm still processing all my encounters in West Bengal and I hope to share more about them soon. For now, I'm going to make some tea, pick up a book & enjoy this cold, rainy day. Also, I'm replying to all those emails I've gotten while I was away :)

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  1. What a blessing! That photo is so beautiful.

    Glad you had an (unexpectedly) amazing time!


  2. Welcome back! I'm so exited to hear all about the trip!

  3. I can't wait to hear the update from you and Louis!
    You two are powerful and I believe wonderful things were done and are still being done through you two and the impact you guys had on the nation of India!

  4. That's so wonderful Ashley. Congratulations! I can't wait to hear more about it, if it's as lovely as this photo, I'm already sure that it was incredible. God certainly is good and it's great to see His work in others.

  5. welcome back! seemed like a wonderful time x
    - Jianine

  6. Yay! I can't wait to hear all about it! I love the photo! You look great in a sari! :)

  7. Can't wait to hear more about your experience in India! <3


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