Book Review: Death by Living

posted on: 9.27.2013

I always measure a book by the “turn back” factor. The “turn back” factor is if it will require me to turn back to it in the future. Death By Living is a definite “turn back” book. When I read the first couple of pages at the local bookstore I was immediately drawn in by Wilson’s style of writing. What I had been initially drawn in by, however, started to weigh on me in the most negative sense. It was about half way through the first half when I recognized I was reading the text all-wrong. This is not the typical spiritual life help book. This is a book of stories, of poetry. The book accomplishes all that it states on the back cover, but through words carefully chosen, and ideas softly stated. Wilson uses his family experience, his grandparent’s influence, and his Savior to take us on a journey of death by living. When I finished, I felt that I had taken a piece of his journal, and that was an honor. I will revisit this text time and time again for the poetic, spoken word-esc ideas that not only pack a punch but also offer a hug. “Live to die. If you do, inevitable success awaits you (110).”

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